• Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf

    Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf Buy Now at Amazon

    Hang these storage boxes on the wall in your kids room to create lots of storage space in small rooms as you can screw the shelves to the wall to create any amount of storage you need and best of all it does not matter whether you have a big bedroom for your child or a small bedroom as your be able to store lots in these storage boxes because on a wall your using storage space that is not being used by anything else.

    Simply screw these shelves to the wall and then lock into place these open storage boxes onto the wall, the storage boxes are simple to unlock so you can unlock the storage box from the shelf and carry the storage box full of toys to another room so your children can play with the toys then when you want to store the toys away again simply lock the storage box back on the wall.