• 'Let it Snow' Sledge

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    This red snow sledge is for two children and has both hand holds and foot rests to keep children safe as they slide in the snow, children sit on the large seat are and can tuck their feet onto the runners on the sides of the sledge and hold on with the handholds in the seat area as well as the runners on the sides.

    There's a blue coloured rope for pulling the sledge along and this is fitted with a bright yellow ball at the rend of the rope making it easy to hold the rope with gloves on (soi it doesn't slip out of your hands) and easy to find in the snow as the rope is bright blue and the ball is bright yellow.

    The sledge has metal runners so it will last for years and the sledge is made from impact resistant red moulded plastic so it won't rust or discolour over the years.