• Islander Wardrobe

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    This French style wardrobe known as Armoire has the classic two wardrobe doors beneath which are a chest of drawers containing two large drawers, it's a great space saver as you get a wardrobe and a chest of drawers i one saving both space in your child's room and money as you don;t need to buy two pieces of furniture.

    The wardrobe is made of solid wood and has a beautiful wooden plank look which is part of the classic Armoire style, or almost what in England we would call the shaker style, the two doors on the wardrobe when opened reveal two hanging rails with lots of space for shirts, blouses, trouser, skirts, jumpers and more and in the two large drawers you can store pants, socks, t-shirts, jumpers or even put a few toys in the drawers for extra storage space.