• Embroidered Heart Bedspread

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    A girls bedspread for use both in the summer and winter, in the winter put this bedspread over her duvet or bedclothes to stay nice and warm as the quilted pockets will keep them warm when the nights turn cold, in the summer sleep under the bedspread without using a duvet and your still be cool  but won't get cold in the middle of the night.

    The bedspread has a pink trim around the edges and is coloured white, it's machine washable and has embroidered hearts of blue, green, pink and red on the bedspread, if you remember having a bedspread on your bed as a little girl you will remember it to this day because as a little girl you used it every day and with this classically embroidered bedspread your little girl will have a nice bedspread to remember when they are older too.