• Dotty Dolls House Bookcase

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    This is a dolls house and bookcase combined into one its perfect for the little girl that loves playing with dolls houses and perfect for small rooms that aren't big enough for a full size dolls house.

    The bookcase can be mounted on the wall or used free standing on the floor or a table top, the bookcase is shaped like a dolls house with a pink rook over the top of the dolls house and a attic window below the roof with a front door and window to the sides and six rooms inside the bookcase which are in fact the shelves, pout books and dolls or teddies on the shelves there's plenty of room for both as you have six generous sized compartments over three shelves.

    The dolls house bookcase is made from wood, painted white with pastel pink roof and light green door and window frame and will be loved by every little girl.