• Daisy Chain Rug

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    A blue coloured tufted floor rug with daisy flower pattern of white daisy petals and purple, red, blue and pink flowers, put the rug in your daughters room for playing on and she will have a nice arm rug that's a lot nicer to play on than the floor, use the rug as a dressing rug in the cold mornings where its nice to stand on a warm rug rather than the cold floor and if the carpet in your children's room is a little worn, stained or just not very nice then this good looking rug on the floor will brighten up the room.

    Use the rug for changing baby too where the rug will be kinder on your knees than the floor and the tufted rug is great for snuggling up with baby afterwards, you can spread all of babies toys on the rug and create a safe area in any room for baby to play.