• Columbus Chest Of Drawers (3 Drawer)

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    A classic three drawer chest of drawers, made from solid oak wood with pewter handles on the drawers and wooden runners that are much stronger than the plastic runners your find on other chest of drawers, the drawers are also fitted with safety stops so children can't pull the drawer out on themselves and the solid oak wood chest of drawers is very stable too and won't tip over even when all the drawers are open at the same time.

    The chest of drawers has been varnished to show off the lovely wood grain and the joints on the chest are dovetail joints not only for strength but because dovetail joints also look very beautiful.

    There's three drawers on the chest of drawers, they are deep drawers with plenty of room for children's clothes like pants, socks, shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, t-shirts and jeans.