• Cambridge Desk

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    A modern desk for your children's bedroom, with a white top that's easy to keep clean and large white drawers at the front of the desk for storing school exercise books, papers, pens and books, at the back of the desk is a bookshelf with bookends that will hold your books so they can't fall off the desk, next to the bookshelf is a raised shelf for a desk clock or a desk light and even space for a TV on the desk.

    The white table has natural wood coloured legs and creates a modern looking desk by virtue of the modern white top and drawers joined to the older wooden legs, a matching swivel chair is also available for this desk which is white in colour.

    Use the desk innĀ  your child's bedroom where they can have their own space to do their homework and with the shelves and storage drawers they can keep all their homework safe over the week whilst they work on it.