• Brighton Tallboy

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    A classic storage cupboard the tallboy has four beautiful dark brown rattan baskets with handles to putt the basket drawers open and two smart white wooden drawers above the rattan baskets, the drawers have authentic pewter metal handles and the tallboy makes great storage in your child's bedroom for storing everything from toys to clothes in the large rattan baskets and smaller more precious items in the large and deep drawers at the top.

    In the hallway the tallboy is ideal for storing towels and linens and the rattan baskets make an excellent laundry basket where you can have one drawer for white wash and one drawer for coloured wash and its easy to take the drawers out to carry them to the washing machine.

    Use the tallboy in the bathroom for storing towels and bathroom products the rattan baskets are tolerant of bathroom moisture and provide lots of storage in a room that's often without adequate storage solutions.