• Amelie Memo Wall Cupboard

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    When your in a hurry you can never find anything, the keys are upstairs the money is in the kitchen, the kids school form is in the car and on it goes as you rush to get out the door in the morning, with this wall cupboard in the hall or the kitchen you can help to keep yourself organised you can pin all the children's school newsletters and events to the cork board that on the front door of the cabinet and you can pin birthday party invitations or electricity bills that need paying to the cork board as a reminder to pay.

    Inside the front door that has a cork board on the front is a dived shelf for storing everything from cycling clips to mobile phones and all those things you need just as your flying out the door in the morning, there's a large drawler too and this is perfect for the kids lunch money or door keys and anything smaller that might get lost, it's a perfect place to store the mail that you haven't yet opened but mustn't lose.