• Almond Blossom Doll's House

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    A big dolls house for your child to play with, it's pink in colour and made of wood and has six rooms to explore, the roof of the dolls house lifts off so children can play inside the rooms have paintings on the wall and bookshelves and there's a stairs leading up to the upstairs rooms plus you can buy a furniture pack which fully kits out the dolls house with chairs, tables, desks and all room furniture so your little girl can play with their dolls and teddies in the dolls house.

    The outside of the dolls house is just as beautiful as the inside with a pink roof, two chimneys, nine windows with closing shutters and a red rose design on the window shutters plus a front door that opens and of course is painted pink.

    The dolls house is made from wood and sits either on the floor or on a table top, its made to last and will be a favourite toy for many years to come.