• 20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories

    20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories Buy Now at Amazon

    When the kids are bored they always complain that they have played all the games they have and there's nothing new, well how about this twenty games in one games table which is a solid oak wood table with an interchangeable top that lets you select many different table games including table football, pool, table tennis, skittles, ring toss, dominoes, chess, shuffle board, backgammon, magnetic darts, knock hockey, horseshoe, playing cards, glide hockey, magnetic American Football, pick up sticks, marbles, chequers, poker dice and tic-tac-toe.

    With all those games and all accessories included there should be lots to keep all children interested from a pool table with balls and cues to an air hockey table with pucks and even marbles that's a lot of classic games here that young and old will enjoy and in case you have forgotten or don't know how to play the games full instructions are included.